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Glenn McGoldrick – published short story writer

  Glenn McGoldrick completed the Short Story Writing For Magazines Course at UK Writers College in 2016. Since then he has enjoyed a spate of literary successes with several stories published, and final placement in two writing competitions. We find out more about his progress as a writer.       What made you decide to become a writer? I enjoyed writing stories as a young kid at school. Then I grew up, had a career and did some travelling. I saved some money, took

The Writers College Student Success Stories

Some of our students have gone on to occupy full-time jobs in the magazine and/or publishing industry. You can read short interviews with past-students here. Here are a few writing success stories from our students from around the world.   PS.If your story, manuscript or article was accepted for publication after completing a Writers College Course, please do let us know:       Kathy Servian self published her first novel 'Peak Hill' under the name KA Servian on Amazon in September 2016 and her second

‘n Onderhoud met oud-student, Gina van Staden

  V: Hoekom het jy besluit om ʼn skrywer te word? A: Want ek het baie om te sê! My skryfwerk word grootliks beïnvloed deur verhoudings- en geloofskwessies, want dit is waar my passie lê.   V: Watter sukses het jy behaal vandat jy die Tydskrifjoernalistieke kursus voltooi het? A: Eerstens het ek weekliks vir my teikentydskrif, Finesse, begin blog. Daarna was die artikel wat ek gedurende my kursus geskryf het in die Januarie uitgawe van die Vrouekeur gepubliseer. Ek het vir hulle nog ʼn

How I started writing, and finally self-published my book

      by Louis Wiid   The beginning of a new journey Sitting through hours of traffic jams every day on my way to and from work, snailing through the streets of Sandton, I found myself stuck in a rut. I needed an escape from the drudgery, so I started listening to audio books, and was soon immersed in the adventures of Ken Follett, the Clan of the Cave Bear series, among many others. I’d be listening to 20 hours per title, slowly working my

And now we wait…. An author’s first experience of getting published

– BY HILARY MURRAY For those not familiar with my journey, I recently had my debut novel published (recently, as in ten days ago!).  The build-up to the big day was a major learning curve for someone new to the publishing world. I had naively thought that writing the book was the hardest part. Not so. My education began not with the arrival of my publishing contract, but a month or so after that, when we began the editing process. It was a

What past students say about our writing courses

  Course reviews from graduate students at The Writers College        Click on the link below to read course feedback from our students worldwide, after they had completed their writing courses.      

Magazine Journalism Course Success: Ansie van der Walt

Ansie van der Walt completed the Magazine Journalism Course at SA Writers College. Apart from working at her new job as assistant editor at an Australian publishing house, Ansie is the owner of the blog She's also the originator of the African Flower Chain Project, where she ‘planted’ 30 hand-made African flowers across South Africa and elicits inspiring letters from around the globe.  Ansie has turned writing and needlework, both hobbies and passions of hers, into a full-time career. 1. What writing successes have

Graduate Success Story: Short Story Writing

  Trish Nichsolson completed the Short Story Writing Course at NZ Writers College in 2010. We tracked her progress in the literary world.      An Interview with Trish Nicholson   What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I was a finalist in the Winchester Festival 2010 from 3000 entries. I came fourth in the Flash 500 Writing competition, out of entries from 16 countries. Apart from being shortlisted in the NZ Writers’ College Short Story Competition, another story of mine was recently shortlisted in the

Magazine Journalism Student Success Story: Janet Hart

Janet Hart from Nelson, New Zealand completed the Magazine Journalism Course at NZ Writers' College in 2012. After 28 years of school teaching, we find out how catching the writing bug has changed her life.   1. What made you decide to start writing? It sounded like fun!  Two years ago, at a September breakfast, I read a piece in the Sunday Star Times about magazine journalism. It set off a spark because by dinner that day I’d decided to ‘do it’ and

Travel Writing Course Success: Ann Huston

Ann Huston completed the travel Writing Course at NZ Writers' College in August 2012. Since then, she had her travel piece on Woodville published in the Manawatu Standard. Her article 'You can lead a teenager to a volcano but you can't make him climb it' was published in the Herald on Sunday. They have also agreed to use another article by her. The summer edition of Que will also be publishing her piece about traveling with children. We ask Ann how

Travel writer Rosanne Turner about her writing life on a Thai island

Rosanne Turner completed the travel Writing Course at the Writers' College in 2008. Dozens of published travel articles later, she finds herself an expert on Koh Samui, her island home in the Gulf of Thailand. She tells us about her enviable life as a travel writer. What writing successes have you had since completing your course? After completing the travel Writing Course at the Writers' College in 2008, I wrote many articles for GoTravel24, as well as for Explore SA. My first

Short Story Writing Course Success: Chenél Pieterse-Boyle

  Chenél Pieterse-Boyle completed the Short Story Writing Course at SA Writers' College. Her writing successes since then have been nothing short of inspirational.   1. What writing successes have you had since completing your course? After completing the Short Story Course, I used the information I gained for both my English and Afrikaans writing. I was a finalist for the GHA writing competition (2008) as well as ATKV Woordwoekelaars (2008 & 2009). Two of my short stories were published in Vrouekeur. In 2010 I was the winner

Magazine Journalism Success: Angelique Noll

Angelique Noll completed the Basics of Creative Writing Course as well as the Magazine Journalism Course in 2011 at The Writers’ College. Here’s what she has been up to since then.... 1. What writing successes have you had since completing your course? Within a year of completing the Journalism course I’ve had three articles accepted, one in Vrouekeur, one in Natural Health Journal and one in an Australian magazine called Merise. I’ve also had three short stories accepted, two by Vrouekeur and one

An interview with Andy Evans

  Andy Evans decided to get more serious about his writing this year, and enrolled in two NZ Writers’ College courses, namely, The Basics of Creative Writing and Literary Short and Flash Fiction. Read about his literary successes since then below. He is currently working on his first novel, but hopes to continue writing the occasional short story. Find out more about Andy and his fiction here:   1. What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I’ve had two short stories

Novel Writing Course Success – Mark Scheepers

Mark Scheepers received the Mavis Bleazard Bursary (sponsored by her daughter Hazel Carlstein) and completed the Write a Novel Course at The Writers' College earlier this year. We are delighted to hear that Mark is a finalist for one of South Africa's prestigious writing awards. We find out more about his progress as a writer. 1. What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I’ve sold two screenplays to eTV’s Ekasi Our Stories and I’m one of three finalists for

Magazine Journalism Success Story: Jo Hedges

  Jo Hedges completed the Magazine Journalism Course in June this year. Her future in journalism shows huge potential, with four of her articles already published.   Well done Jo!   What writing successes have you had since completing your course? Since completing my writing course with SA Writers College, I've had three articles published by the adventure magazine Quad, Offroad and Adventure SA. One in January 2011, one in September 2011 and the third in the October 2011 issue. I 've had an article "health

NZWC Student WINS ‘Her Magazine’ Short Story Competition

Her Magazine in New Zealand runs a regular short story competition. This month one of our Short Story Course students  - Andrea Stitson - won the competition. Her story will be published in the next issue of the magazine. Look out for 'Dancing with Charlie'. Well done Andrea!       Image: flickr.com_Ray_LAC

Magazine Journalism Success Story: Madi Hanekom

Madi Hanekom completed the Magazine Journalism Course in November 2010. Madi is a stellar example of a student who has thrown herself full throttle into writing and selling stories. What writing successes have you had since completing your course? During the course period, I wrote an article which was accepted for publication in November/December by online designmagazine ( titled, “Creating a Portfolio Life – How many gigs are you juggling?” The editor subsequently requested me to write a series of articles on

The Winners of the 2011 SA Writers’ College Short Story Competition

The results are out! Read the winning entries, the judges' comments and see if your story is mentioned in our Honourable Mention List at or follow this link.    Congratulations to our winners:   The overall winner is “The Tokoloshe” by Hannah Green The runner-up place is awarded to Shelley Blignaut for her story “Watching Sunsets We Never See” In third place is Jessica Liebenberg’s story “Final Disposition” Anamé van Zyl’s “Notes on a Narrative of Becoming (Possibly Nitrogen)” was in

Helen Yuretich wins Heartland Short Story Competition

  Helen Yuretich, a recent graduate of the Short Story Writing Course at NZ Writers' College (, has won the Heartland 1000 Short Story Competition. The competition, organised annually by The Taumarunui Writers’ Group, was judged by award-winning novelist, William Taylor. The full details are about to be released later in the week.

Graduate Success Story – Stephanie Attwood

Stephanie Attwood entered, and won her first short story competition in 1986 (South Island Writers’ Association) with her University Entrance exam story ‘The Break.’ She didn’t write again until undertaking the New Zealand Writers’ College Short Story Writing Course early in 2010. Writing Successes She began submitting stories almost immediately and ‘Dressing Down’ (assignment five) was accepted by UK magazine The Weekly News in June. Her story ‘The Letterbox’ was one of five runners up in the open section of the BNZ Literary Awards

Karen Taylor-Vermaak’s Success Story: Magazine Journalism

  Karen Taylor-Vermaak completed her Magazine Journalism Course at SA Writers College ( in February 2010. She has since become a regular contributor for Fitness Magazine.       An Interview with Karen Taylor-Vermaak   What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I was lucky enough to have my first article about Carbohydrates published in the May issue of Fitness Magazine. A second article was published in the September issue and I was then invited to become a regular contributor. I have just submitted my

Graduate Success Story: Hard News Journalism

  Ashley Stander completed the Hard News Journalism Course in 2010. She                                                  went on to have articles published in her local paper.    An Interview with Ashley Stander   What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I have had stories published in our local newspaper and am in the process of contacting magazines and newspapers to publish a health-related story that I have been working on for quite some time. What have you learned from actually working in the industry (as opposed to the

Graduate Success Story: travel Writing and Writing for the Web Course

Angela Pearse completed the travel Writing Course and the Writing for the Web Course at NZ Writers' College ( in 2009 and 2010 respectively. One of our top students at the college, we were keen to find out how Angela is doing as a writer.   An Interview with Angela Pearse   What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I’ve completed two courses with the NZ Writers' College, the travel Writing Course and the Writing for the Web Course. Since completing both courses I

Graduate Success Stories: Magazine Journalism

  Christo Valentyn completed the Magazine Journalism Course in 2007. Apart from selling articles to big titles like Cosmopolitan and Longevity, Christo has carved a niche for himself as a successful motoring journalist.   An Interview with Christo Valentyn   What writing successes have you had since completing your course? I consider every published piece a success, but some do feature more  prominently than others. My course assignment, which I sold to Cosmopolitan, remains a highlight, as is a piece I did for Longevity earlier in 2010 that was